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What Logo Colors Say About Your Brand

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

What Logo Colors Say About Your Brand

Choosing a color is one of the most impactful choices you can make while developing your logo and brand. It will highlight your business’ strengths and help highlight yourself to the right customer.

Research has shown that people make subconscious judgments about a person, environment, or product within 90 seconds of initial viewing. Between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone. This means that the color you choose can make or break your customers decision to whether to partner with you.

So how do you pick the right color? Think of your business strengths and goals, think about the message you most want your business to convey. That virtues do you want to stand out, what is your brand’s personality?

Which logo colors mean what?


The universal sign of excitement, passion and anger. Red attracts attention and brings out strong emotions and a sense of urgency.

What a Red Logo Says About Your Brand

A red logo shows that your brand is powerful and high-energy


An invigorating, playful color. Go orange to stand out from the crowd and inspire

What an Orange Logo Says About Your Brand

An orange logo sends the message that your company is friendly and cheerful and

encourages your consumers to act!

Yellow Accessible, sunshiny friendliness. Yellow is associated with happiness and optimism.

What a Yellow Logo Says About Your Brand

A yellow logo shows that your company is positive and friendly.

Green Green represents growth and evokes a feeling of relaxation and healing. Green also represents money and wealth.

What a Green Logo Says About Your Brand

Above all, a green logo conveys the message that your company is environmentally friendly. This explains why it is so popular with organic and vegetarian brands, as well as companies that strive for ethical practices. It can also be a good choice for financial companies, since it reminds consumers of money.

Blue The classic king of colors, blue appears in over half of all logos. As it symbolizes trustworthiness and maturity and evokes feelings of tranquility and security. true blue will make sure you’re taken seriously.

What a Blue Logo Says About Your Brand

A blue logo shows that your brand is professional and logical, but not invasive. It can create a sense of security and trust in your company.


Purple is the luxurious color and is associated with wealth and nobility. It also represents fantasy, mystery and m magic, and can evoke a feeling of wisdom and imagination

What a Purple Logo Says About Your Brand

A purple logo shows that your brand is luxurious and imaginative. It can attract consumers who want to be seen as wealthy or wise, as well as ones who are inclined towards a feeling of magic or mystery.

The color pink is associated with femininity and is generally used in logos for brands targeted to women. It is also associated with sweetness and can evoke a sense of playfulness

What a Pink Logo Says About Your Brand

If you are wanting to represent femininity or trying to convey the message that your company is lively and fun, then pink is the color for your brand

Brown What can brown do for you? Make your brand appear rugged, masculine and serious. Brown is very underutilized, so you’ll stand out from the competition.

Black Black is serious, modern and luxurious and can evoke a feeling of sophistication and strength. Black also shows your brand is mysterious and exclusive and don’t feel that flashy colors are necessary to send that message.

What a Black Logo Says About Your Brand

company has a black logo, you probably aren’t using it to attract attention. Your company wants to be seen as well-established, with a strong reputation or sense of elegance, and your logo is part of that desire. You don’t feel that flashy colors are necessary to send a message.

Pick Multiple Colors In Your Logo

Multiple colors are a great way to show diversity and can highlight what makes you unique. Don’t be afraid to experiment before making your final logo color choices. Once you have decided on the look and feel of your logo it’s time to spread it to the rest of the world. Click Here to create a custom cap or shirt with your company’s logo Or Click Here for all your promotional needs!