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Beautiful embroidery begins with quality digitizing. Digitizing sometimes referred to as punching is the conversion of artwork into a series of commands to be read by an embroidery machine’s computer.

At Classic Cap & Embroidery, we digitize in-house with the most technologically advanced digitizing programs. Our attention to detail shows in your finished product.



Running stitches are simply used to connect sewing areas in the design and for thin outlines or borders and areas of detail when a satin stitch is too large to be used. Running stitches are only as wide as 1 strand of thread.


Work straight stitches closely together across the shape, as shown. Take care to keep the edge even, and if you are following an outline marked on the fabric, take your stitches to the outside of the line so that the marked line does not show.


Fill stitches are used to fill large areas with color. Simplified...they are simply large areas of running stitches that are placed side by side to cover a large area.


Chain stitch is a sewing and embroidery technique in which a series of looped stitches resembling a chain link formed with one thread fed from the bottom side of the fabric.


The cross stitch is made up of two half stitches forming X’s in rows or within a box shape to form geometric designs. It creates a hand made an appearance.

  • 3-D

Often referred to as puff embroidery, this technique sews around foam padding to give the appearance of a raised embroidered logo.


The photo-stitch technique is more reminiscent of pencil or crayon sketches, rather than embroidery. Multi-colored photo-stitch designs give an almost Impressionist effect, which is why this technique is often used when digitizing works of art. It uses very densely placed stitches, often overlapping each other.


Embroidered design composed of one or more letters or initials. The personalization technique has a high perceived value.


Form of embroidery in which a loop (moss) stitch is formed on the top side of the fabric. Uses heavy yarns of wool, cotton or acrylic. Created by a chain stitch machine that has been adjusted to form this stitch type. Also known as loop piling.

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